Sandwiches Are a Popular Snack Around The World And Are Consumed Mainly In Western Nations. A Sandwich Is a Food Item Prepared By Layering Meat, Cheese, Vegetables Or All Of Them Between Two Slices Of Bread. This Tradition Of Sandwich Making Originated In Central Europe After The Invention Of The Oven In 29000 Bc. Throughout The Middle Ages, People Have Been Baking Stale Bread And Have Been Consuming It In Different Forms. The Sandwich As We Know It Was Also Born In Europe In The 1700s And Slowly Spread To Other Parts Of The World Where Each Culture Adopted The Idea Of The Sandwich In Different Ways Because Their Styles Of Baking Bread Were Very Different. Hamburgers, Club Sandwich, Shawarma, Kathi Roll, Croque Monsieur And Cheese Sandwich Are Few Of The Most Popular Ways Of Putting Food Items Between Two Slices Of Bread. From Simple Breakfasts To Exotic Dinners, Sandwich Plays An Essential Role In Business Around The World. There Are Many Ways Of Consuming Sandwiches, With Different Sauces And Dips, Where The Sandwich Is Cut Into Various Shapes As Desired By The Consumer. The Most Popular Method Of Cutting a Sandwich In Two Is Splitting It Diagonally. Let Us Have a Look At Some Scientific Reasons Proving Why Diagonally Cut Sandwiches Are Better.


When a Sandwich Is Cut Diagonally, The Filling Inside Is Exposed At a Maximum Level As Compared To Slicing It Horizontally Or Vertically. It Engages The Consumer In The Eating Process And Makes Him Aware Of The Contents Of The Sandwich In a Much Better Fashion. Unlike The Halved Sandwich, Which Is More Or Less Of An Equal Portion, The Diagonal Cut Allows You To Feel The Difference In Each Bite, Making The Experience Of The Sandwich To Be Unique.

The Three Edges On a Diagonally Cut Bread Are Better For Picking Up More Sauce Or Dip. A Vertically Cut Sandwich Is Prone To More Dripping Where The Contents Of The Sandwich Lose Out From One Side When You Take a Bite From Another. With a Diagonally Cut Sandwich, The Filling Is Well Balanced Between The Edges, Which Will Prevent Leaking. You Would Get More Area Of The Crustless Surface In a Diagonally Sliced Bread If You Look At An Identically Halved Sandwich Horizontally, There Would Be a Significant Fall In The Field Of The Crustless Surface.


The Diagonal Sandwich Is Also Great For Travel, Given The Fact That It Holds The Filling Together For a More Extended Period Without Falling Apart. It Is More Comfortable To Hold As The Triangular Shape Provides You With a Better Holding Position. The Strange Has Been a Popular Shape In Constructions Around The World, Known For Its Aesthetic Design And Robust Outlook.